Who must file a 2013 income tax return?

The rules for filing 2013 tax returns are straightforward for most people. Marital status, age, and income level are generally the determining factors. Here’s a quick overview of the income levels at which a 2013 return is required. *Single individual…..$10,000 *Single individual, 65 or older…..$11,500 *Married individual, separate return, regardless...

IRA Trustees Weren’t Liable for Madoff Losses

A district court has dismissed all claims brought by holders of self-directed individual retirement accounts (IRAs) against the IRA trustees for losses incurred by the IRAs for investments with Bernard Madoff’s firm. A number of individuals owned self-directed IRAs with IRA agreements that clearly stated that they were solely responsible...

Trust’s Investment Advice Fees

The Supreme Court has held that investment advisory fees paid by a trust were deductible only to the extent that they exceeded 2% of the trust’s adjusted gross income (AGI). Thus, such expenses didn’t qualify for the exception to the 2% of AGI limit in the tax law for costs...